The Choice of America's Armed Forces All Around The World

Our Inspiring Story

   In 1971, word of a new type of insignia spread through the ranks as distinguished officers from West Point traditionally strived to look their best.

         A local uniform supplier, Henry Friedlander, created just the product they needed.

         Uniquely manufactured insignia that has a diamond-like shine and never needs polishing grew to be the envy of all those who didn't have it.

         Henry's insignia, STA-BRITE®, became universally recognized as the finest insignia money can buy, outselling other brands by a wide margin.

What is STABRITE®?

STA-BRITE® Is why your insignia shines brighter and never needs polishing! Our founder, Henry Friedlander, created a unique plating process which ensures the symbol of your accomplishments stand the test of time.