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STA-BRITE® Army Rank Insignia

Every soldier in the Army is valued and important. And through hard work and dedication, you can achieve more responsibility and authority. With STA-BRITE® Army rank insignia, you can display your accomplishments proudly every time you wear your service uniform.

Importance of Rank

Rank acknowledges your accomplishments and skills as a soldier in the army. As you progress and achieve new levels, you move up in rank. And while rank also determines pay, it more importantly shows your dedication to your position. It also offers and leadership organization so each soldier knows where to turn for information or help.

Benefits of Badges Insignia

When you achieve a certain badge you want to proudly display that accomplishment, and our insignia is the perfect way to do that. Whether you are a private, a sergeant, or a general, you have worked hard to achieve your ranks and badges. Insignia recognizes that hard work and displays it for others to see as well.

Reasons to Choose Our Insignia

Our pin-on ranks and badges are of great quality. Our items are made from only the highest-quality material and designed to accurately portray who you are and what you have done. With our material, you’ll never have to polish your insignia. They will continue to shine for years to come.

If you want to look and feel your best while in your service uniform, choose high-quality badge insignia from STA-BRITE®. We focus on providing long-lasting badges for every need. Shop our STA-BRITE® badge insignia today, and you will be proud to wear your service uniform.

Why Do You Need Insignia?

Not only does insignia distinguish rank, but it also displays accomplishments and function. You will find an insignia for every function and skill imaginable. Our STA-BRITE® badges will distinguish you as a:
Air Assault, Parachutist, Expert Shooting, Sharpshooter, Marksman, Driver M. Expert Infantry, 
Recruiter, Master Gunner, Expert Soldier, Special Forces, Ranger, Diver, Scuba, Sapper,
Parachute Rigger, Pathfinder, E.O.D. Combat Infantry, Drill Sergeant, Medical, Sniper,
Combat Action, Aviator, Aircrew, Instructor, National Guard, Halo, and many more.
You can feel pride in your accomplishments, when wearing your STA-BRITE®.

Why Choose Our Badges?

Our full-size badges are high-quality and made to last. You can feel confident that they will continue to represent your place in the Armed Forces. They carry a diamond-like shine and never need polishing.

STA-BRITE® has provided badge insignia for over 45 years. We saw a need and filled it to make sure you have the perfect insignia for all your uniforms.

If you're ready to choose the right insignia for your uniform, browse our collection. We will send you a top-quality Insignia that you'll be proud to wear.

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In 1971, STA-BRITE® began to design and distribute badge insignia for officers and enlisted soldiers of every rank. Today, we maintain that same quality and ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your product. You can browse our selections and purchase the STA-BRITE® you need.

Buy yours today, or if you have any questions, contact us for more information. We are happy to serve those who serve this country.